Q: Why should I consider outsourcing my billing?
A: Regulations and their changes occur almost daily. Our employees keep up to date constantly to eliminate delays caused by incorrect billing and therefore maximize your cash flow.

Q: What are your charges?
A: Our fee includes all postage, forms, patient statements, toll free numbers and everything else required to bill your accounts. There are no hidden or add on charges. For this all inclusive service we charge a percentage of what we actually collect.

Q: How do I send the information?
A: We accept billing information in many ways. It can come to us via US mail, electronic download, fax, e-mail, UPS or FedEx. We will work with you to achieve the best and most cost effective way to transmit the information.

Q: Do you handle everything?
A: Yes. Once your staff completes the run and sends us the required information, your portion of the work is completed. We handle all billing, patient/insurance calls, follow up, payment posting and banking

Q: Are you HIPAA compliant?
A: We are completely HIPAA compliant.

Q: What happens to our records?
A: We digitally scan all information into our system and regularly back it up and store the duplicates off site.

Q: Will patients and insurance companies continue to call us?
A: All statements will display our telephone number as the information source. If you receive any calls they should be directed to our office for handling.