What We Do

Our sole focus is to get your charges paid as quickly as possible!

While accomplishing that we also achieve the following:

  • Relieve you of paperwork
  • Eliminate concerns about constantly changing regulations
  • Save you the investment in costly systems and employee training
  • Maximize cash flow without headaches to you

and ... How We Do It

We focus exclusively on EMS billing

Our billing system is state-of-the-art

We file electronic claims and send laser printed patient statements

We then file secondary insurance claims

Our people are well trained and attend all current seminars

We subscribe to online eligibility services

Our software updates addresses from a national database

Our software cleanses and bar codes addresses used for mailing statements

Our staff individually:

  • Scans for missing information
  • Handles rejections
  • Handles reviews
  • Handles all insurance and patient inquiries
  • Follows up on both insurance and patient issues
  • Audits insurance payments
  • Interfaces with you or your chosen collection agency regarding delinquent accounts

We have low employee turnover in a highly complex