Why Choose MBG?

All too often, companies in the ambulance billing business adopt a "cookie cutter" mentality. That's too bad. Because if you don't stand out, the others will have you for lunch.

Our programs and focus are different. We may seem similar, but our difference is in the execution, the personal service and the results. Trained professionals with years of experience serve your interests more effectively than our competition.

We process your information quickly by using digital technology and a paperless format

Your digital information is stored on our system with backups also stored at an off site facility

State-of-the-art computer platform and software

All this data is billed electronically

Staff with long term employment

Staff with extensive medical receivables background

We devote 100% of our efforts to ambulance billing

Our staff is highly trained and attends the latest seminars

Specific departments are assigned to eligibility verification

Specific departments handle the follow up process

Telephones are answered by live people who route calls to personnel who can rectify the situation the first time