Who We Are

I think we all agree that most things start out very simple, but over time, as others get involved, they began to get more complicated. Such is the evolution of ambulance billing. It used to be a simple service that required only a simple bill, but then others got involved and the situation changed dramatically.

Your simple in-house billing has become too much trouble, too complicated and way too specialized to cope with. You have become overwhelmed with new laws that require constant updates yet return only a fraction of what is billed for.

Many of our web site visitors are considering outsourcing because of the above situation or because they have had a bad outsourcing experience and are contemplating a change. They are seeking answers to their specific questions and searching for the one company that will be the "perfect fit". As you navigate our site we hope you will find the answers to your questions. We have tried to make this site as user friendly as possible so you can find the information you require to assist you in making your decision.

Medical Billing Group LLC provides a comprehensive billing alternative that specializes in the EMS area only. We have either developed or purchased specialized programs that address the major issues in ambulance billing. These include state-of-the-art billing platforms, third party eligibility programs, digital imaging/scanning software plus all the laser printing and address correction services that you want your billing "partner" to have at their disposal.

All of this sophistication is operated by dedicated and experienced personnel who use it to produce the outstanding results that you deserve.