Just as you don't go to a family practice doctor for brain surgery, likewise you want to choose a specialist who has the knowledge to deal with the complicated rules and regulations that have become today's ambulance billing.

To achieve the outstanding results you deserve requires a hands-on team with vast experience, just like the medical team you have assembled. If you won't settle for less from your own team, why would you settle for less from your receivables team?

State-of-the-art systems save time and money, but it is the personnel that make all the difference when it comes to billing. Our focus is "high tech, high touch". We use the latest computer software to make us highly efficient, but we never allow the computer to reduce people to mere numbers. This not only shows up in the fact that our staff is always courteous to patients and clients alike, but in the little things such as a real person actually answering the telephone.

Just as each run you make is time sensitive, so is the billing for that run. We focus on getting the run billed correctly - on time, the first time.

We have always found more success and satisfaction when we work with clients who share our business philosophy. Isn"t that the way you want to do business too?

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